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Who are we
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We are a couple who wanted to do something with their hobby. Our hobby together is mountain biking. We’ve been riding together ever since we met and we’ve done a few races but that's not our focus. A day out getting some exercise, challenging ourselves with a few friends is really more our bag.

We aren’t really interested in the big brands; we don’t stock them and have no desire to. Lenz Sport are a small builder in the USA, each frame is hand built, Dialled are a UK brand, MTB with an emphasis on fun.

Guy is mechanically inclined, not only with bicycles but rebuilding motorcycles and his various race cars. He has plenty of experience and the ability to solve problems that inevitably crop up when building something unique. Having a fully equipped workshop certainly helps. The new factory is quite the Aladdins cave for anything on two wheels, and sometimes four.
We build our own wheels for both motorcycles and bicycles, it takes time, but it's worth it when you want a non-standard combination. We source out our painting, polishing & powdercoating.

Kirstin is a designer and she created our logo, designed and built the website and is in charge of the aesthetics of our bikes. She is obviously talented and a perfectionist as you can see. She will constantly change and updated the website in a drive to keep you up-to-date with what Larry's Custom Cycles are doing now and what we plan to do in the future.



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